The Hampshire Regional Special Education Parent Advisory Council (HRSEPAC) is a volunteer parent organization offering information, support, networking and education to parents/guardians of children K-12 with an IEP or 504 (in the Hampshire Regional School District). We facilitate communication between parents and school administrators to promote respect, support and appropriate education for all children with special needs in our community. HRSEPAC is a Massachusetts State mandated volunteer organization.

PLEASE JOIN our Yahoo Group named HRSEPAC by clicking on below link and follow prompts :

You will get all dates for meetings, parent education nights, announcements etc via this membership site.

Some of the parent ed nights are sponsored by Northampton or Amherst SEPAC's Joining the Yahoo Group HRSEPAC will facilitate communication and networking.

Our Brochure is on all district school websites click on FOR FAMILIES then the dropdown, “The Hampshire Regional Special Education Parent Advisory Council”.

You may email Mary Barber co-chair at or call her cell at 413 977-3316, Coni Gillman at, or Judy Farrar at